looking for a family photographer in stockholm?

Memories are the best souvenir, don’t you think? Are you traveling to Stockholm, Sweden and looking for a vacation photographer to capture moments from your trip? Then Woho! We would love to help you. Since 2018 we have helped over 25 couples, solo-travelers and families to remember the beautiful moments from their vacation time together. This means we know the ins- and outs of Stockholms tourist spots and know the do’s and dont’s. We partner with Flytographer to give you the absolut best service, response time and budget opportunity out there. Flytographer orchestrate thousands of shoots each year - all over the world and we will take excellent care of you. It’s all very easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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60 weddings a year. 50 family shoots a year and about 15 couple shoots. Each year. But hey, numbers are numbers right and says nothing about what we do. So here it is - we will give you an experience, not just a “look here and smile” type of session. We think that the time you spend with us should be considered one of the highlights of your trip, and we do try and make it so. Here are some words from our vacation clients over the years.

”Linda and Cecilia were wonderful-fun, funny, sweet and above all great photographers! They knew the best places to take us, took wonderful shots, and made us feel comfortable and relaxed while doing so! I would highly recommend them and if and when we ever come back to Stockholm, we would definitely book them again!”

“Cecilia was amazing! She made us all - most importantly our generally sceptical toddler - feel comfortable right away. We had lots of fun during the shoot, which Cecilia captured in our natural smiles!”

“Linda was an amazing photographer. Although I was used to photo shoots, this was my family’s first time doing a shoot and they all felt extremely comfortable throughout the hour we had. Linda understood exactly what I hoped to gain from the shoot and she caught our moments (posed and candid) beautifully! She was also just so much fun to be around and knew the best backgrounds for our pictures.”

psst. hey - if you want to check out what it looks like when we play with families - just browse this site and have a look.




We take vacations to relax. To see something new and share experiences with others. People that we love. We create memories that will stay with us far longer than the souvenirs we might have gotten at the gift shop. And this is where we are our most truest selves. We are not at work or at home buzy running around - we just are.

The best souvenir you can get is to capture some of those moments and keep them forever.




So, why should you book through flytographer instead of directly with us?
Flytographer go out of their way to make vacation photography accesible and affordable for all. They know ALL the do’s and dont’s and will communicate with you like pros to get you prepped and ready for your shoot.
You will have your own concierge to take care of you and answer all questions. They also work around the world wich means they will answer you promptly regardless of what time zone you are in.
They will also facilitate the communication with us and just keep an eye on the whole thing.

It does not get better for your travel plans then no hassle, stress free bookings with flytographer.




If you have any questions or things you want to run by us - please don’t hesitate to send us an email - info@360you.se)
We would be happy to help.
//Linda & Cecilia